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 My lifestyle is a mix of creativity, laughter and discovery. 

I've been taking photos for around 7 years and have been on the journey to  creating myself for just as long.

I've had this sort of romance with photography. There was an introduction that led to captivation. When I attended college at Alabama State, the captivation turned to infatuation. The infatuation lasted for a time but was broken once I got a taste of the ills of the industry.

 I began style blogging while I was earning my M.A.  in New Media Journalism from Full Sail University. Once I graduated as valedictorian of my class,  I was elated and proud but stillI felt a void. I could feel God had a purpose for my life but I didn't quite know what it was. 

My husband had been quietly and steadily reminding me that photography was my greatest gift and that I shouldn't abandon it. 

So, it's nearly been a year since I started my photography business. I live in Atlanta and my business is growing rapidly. I feel fulfilled and I think I've found my purpose in life. It makes me feel complete and purposeful. It gives me life and is the only thing I have never had to struggle for. 

As far as my personality, I'm gentle but I can be fierce. I love deeply and create with all that I am. I value true freedom above all else and I love helping others find their way through life. My work is about showing people who they are and showing the world how beautiful and gifted my clients are. 

After our photo sessions, small business owners typically make more money. Musicians gain more social media followers, blog features and bookings; and bloggers get more clicks and subscribers. I love adding to people's lives. That's what gives me and my work purpose. 

Photography is both a gift to the giver and the recipient.

I specialize in natural light photography, portraiture and weddings.

To contact me directly,  send a message to :) I'd be happy to hear from you.